Resin Labeling Solutions

Partial and Full Resin Labels, Seals & Medallions

Resin Medallion Labels

We provide the highest quality bespoke luxury medallion labels for packaging and branding for wine, cosmetic, food, pharmaceuticals, and fashion industry

Resin Medallion Labels

Partial Resin Labels and Ribbons – Our adhesive wax style seals are ideal way to differentiate your brand by adding a 3D decorative element to any package from glass bottles to flat cardboard or wood package, to envelopes and marketing collateral. They have been used in the wine and spirits industry and are also a great addition to olive oil, vinegar, juices and water bottle packaging. Our labels are produced in silkscreen, offset or digital printing and have the option to add foil decorations and embossing for additional visual and tactile detail. We can produce our resin labels and ribbons on reels for automatic line application or on sheets for hand application. All resin labels are waterproof and are dishwasher safe and have a high melting point for warm environments.

The clear partial resin medallions can make clear flint glass looked embossed. (see image of Stoli vs clear medallion)

Full Resin Labels – Our full resin labels are covered completely by a transparent resin layer to give the design a 3D effect and serves as a protective coating.

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