Metal Labeling

Seals & Medallions Made From a Variety of Metals

Metal Labels

We provide the highest quality of bespoke luxury medallion labels for packaging and branding of the wine, cosmetic, food, pharmaceutical, and fashion industries.

Gold Labels – There is no other precious metal as legendary as gold. Its rarity, beauty, and enigma have provided it with status as a valuable commodity throughout the history of humanity. Set your product apart with a gold label or medallion. (24K gold coating available)

Brass Labels – Shiny like gold and used to create many musical instruments over time. Let us help you design the perfect brass label with some soul.

Pewter Labels – Pewter is a magnificent metal with its own merits and qualities that make it a fine precious metal for both decorative and practical applications. Now we have made it available as a label that can give your brand a historical look and feel.

Aluminum Labels – Aluminum is a lightweight metal and resistant to solvents. The aluminum labels are thin and flexible and with a strong adhesive they are engineered to match the application surface and environment for any package.

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